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            We are involved in trading with following recyled material
            1) Copper containing scraps
                  Copper sludge
                  Copper catalyst
                  Crude copper with copper content 50%
            2) Molybdenum containing scraps
                  Molybdenum containing catalyst and concentrate
            3) Tungsten containing scraps
                  Tungsten containing catalyst and concentrate
                  Hard mateial scraps such as cemented carbide and pooter
            4) Nickel containing scraps
                  Nickel-tin balls
                  Spent nickel catalyst
                  Nickel Containing Scraps and Residues
            5) Tin containing scraps
                  Tin sludge
                  Tin Containing Scraps and Residues
            6) Cobalt Containing Scraps and Residues
            7) Nd-Fe-B scraps
            8) Niobium and Zirconium containing scraps
            9) Precious Metals
                  Catalyst containing precious metals just like gold,silver,palladium
                  Sludge containing precious metals

            Address£º Room803,Tian'An Mansion,No.1399 of Jinqiao Road, Pudong District,Shanghai,200129,China
            Tel£º +86-21-58995861
            Fax£º +86-21-58995861