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            Product list
                1.Copper alloy ----- 0.001~ 0.15mm x 40~100mm x coil
                2. Evanohm ----- 0.002~ 0.15mm x 40~100mm x coil
                3. Nickel 200/201 ----- 0.001~0.15mm x 40~100mm x coil
                4. Titanium(Grade1 or Grade2) ----- 0.001~0.08mm x 40~100mm x coil
                5. Aluminium----- 0.002~0.007mm x 40mm x coil
                6. 304/316L-----0.005~0.08mm x 40~100mm x coil
            We aslo can slit the foils to the size per your requirement.


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